How photos are made

All the photos below have been made using homemade cameras. 

Subject-friendly instruments maximise participants’ ability to describe themselves, thus our cameras are directly build by laboratory participants with everyday object from reusable sources. RedLab uses old and recycled tin cans (yes, you have read it correct, the classical tin cans you usually buy with tomato sauce inside) to create functional cameras through a photographic system called pinhole.

Each participant creates their own tin camera and develop their photos by theirselves thanks to the laboratory courses. Pinhole and analogical methods permit to look at everyday life through the wonderful and sometimes magical lens of analog photography. Our pinhole workshop combines both craft making and group-based activities, which help and facilitates sociocultural perspectives of inclusion.

With the use of photographic paper, the laboratory allows to create something unique, something that can really capture the exactly moment thanks to the one-shot form, something that provide a own individual point of view, giving insight into what they focus on and how they view the world. Each participants create in this way a personal portfolio, which represents their growth path of self-expression through analog photography.

All our pictures are taken with black and white negative photographic paper. Each photo is unique and represent the growth process of the individual who has made it.